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It is said that all people are divided into two categories: those who like Chinese sauces and those who simply haven't tasted them yet. And there's some truth in that, because it's not so easy to find "middle-aged" sauces. If you've never tasted the Chinese sauce in your life, then be prepared for the world's doors of incredible and new flavours...

It is said that all people are divided into two categories: those who like Chinese sauces and those who simply haven't tasted them yet. And there's some truth in that, because it's not so easy to find "middle-aged" sauces. If you've never tasted the Chinese sauce in your life, then be prepared for the world's doors of incredible and new flavours to open to you!

Traditional Chinese sweet sauce is usually added to meat and vegetable dishes. This gives the dish a very special flavour and taste. Soy sauces are widely used to prepare dishes not only in Chinese cuisine, but also in Japanese and Korean cuisine. It is known to be added when marinating, stewing and frying various meat and vegetable dishes. With a strong salty and spicy taste, the main thing to do when using such a sauce is not to exaggerate it. Very often, the use of Chinese sweet sauces eliminates the addition of salt in the dish, as the dark soy sauce is actually a "liquid salt".

Adding a few drops of soy sauce to a vegetable stew or dumplingwill will forever change your taste, making you live the full range of sensations of a usual dish cooked in a new way.

The Chinese sweet and sour sauce will be a real revelation for those who are going through difficult diet days. It will forever change the taste of useful vegetables, but these fresh vegetables, your green salads will be transformed in a single moment, becoming the subject of a real desire.

In our shop, you can buy Chinese sauces and vinegars of different consistency, as well as the addition of loads. These spices will accentuate the flavour of Asian dishes and give them a delicious taste!

In addition, soy sauces are perfect for a variety of marinades. It should be noted that the sauce itself is not quite suitable for pure marinade. However, if you dilute it with red wine or vinegar, the chicken or meat will taste amazing during cooking. Combined with sesame paste and finely chopped herbs, for example, you get the perfect sauce for dip rolls, wontons or sushi.

In short, this "secret" ingredient has every chance of becoming the main and irreplaceable product for the whole family, because with it all dishes acquire a refined, amazing and very original taste!

In this section you can find products that should be available to any gourmet, engaged in the preparation of Asian dishes.

Soy sauces are the most basic seasoning of Asian cuisine, underscoring the taste of any dish and giving it a characteristic flavor.

Chinese oyster sauces - enhance the taste of the dishes and add spice.

Fish sauces are used in Southeast Asia, especially in Thailand, Vientiane and the Philippines for an extra enriching flavour with proper use.

Cooking wine is one of the main components of marinating meat, fish and poultry, as well as adding dishes being adapted to give sweetness and flavor.

Vinegars - soften the consistency of meat, fish, poultry, give a pleasant acuity and the necessary taste of acidity, irritate the taste buds of man and increase the appetite of the dish, not to mention the aroma inherent in the rice vinegar, both light and dark. Of course, it is impossible to ignore the fact that marinated products are rarely made without vinegar.

The dishes of the classical cuisine of the Celestial Empire are known for their pungent and burning taste. Chinese spicy sauce is an essential ingredient of most of them. It is a collective name for several spices with a pronounced spicy flavor based on traditional soy sauce or teriyaki with the addition of burning spices.

Chinese spicy sauce is most often served with meat, poultry and seafood, but it is also suitable for rice noodles, rolls and vegetables, as well as marinade. By ordering this sauce, you can cook Chinese dishes, including Peking duck, spicy chicken wings and Jiaoqi dumplings.

A variety of sauces form the basis of traditional Chinese cuisine. They give the dishes an unusual taste and allow you to cook unusual and complex dishes by yourself.

A large number of sauces are produced in China, and one of the most respected manufacturers is Lee Kum Kee. Li Kum Ki's products are distinguished by a high and consistent level of quality. It is the Chinese national company based more than a century ago and produces a higher class. In our online shop, you can buy Lee Kum Kee Chinese sauces and pasta sets at a reasonable price.

In our Thai products shop, you can buy Thai sauces, chili sauces, fish sauces, seafood sauces, meat sauces, salad sauces, sushi sauces, bun sauces and other types of thai sauces. We also have Chinese sauces (sweet and sour sauce, oyster sauce, hoisin sauce and others). You can buy Chinese sauces from us at a reasonable price with home delivery. In our Chinese products shop, you will find an excellent selection of quality soy sauce. Here you can buy natural soy sauce natural fermentation (without adding yeast!). We are very sensitive to the quality of our products, which is why all the other Chinese sauces presented in our range also have a 100% natural composition and do not contain additives harmful to human health. The same goes for Thai sauces: our Thai chili sauces, our fish sauces, our seafood sauces, our meat sauces, our salad sauces differ in their natural composition and will please even the most consumers demanding and quality!

Chinese sauces - the general principles and cooking methods of Chinese cuisine are very singular. As you know, many dishes are eaten with chopsticks - special devices that capture pieces of food, like a bird's beak. One of the great principles is that the dish must be composed of small pieces so that no extra effort is required. Two principles of Chinese cuisine and say - cut and fry properly. This is why sauces are an important part of Chinese cuisine. Dipping in pieces of meat sauce or vegetables with sticks is a ritual. The sauce is characterized by saturation, a wide variety of strong, spicy and hot seasonings. Imagine - their number exceeds 300 species. Dark sauces (e.g. soy) are suitable for diets, they perfectly enhance the taste of porridge and soups. Lighter sauces are saltier and spicy. The Chinese nation, inclined to philosophy, believes that the sauces correspond to the masculine power of the "Yan", which is combined with the feminine power of the cold light of the Yin of other products, which transforms the food into perfect and harmonious dishes. Chinese Sauces - Product Preparation Sauces are divided into light and dark sauces, they are often used only as part of the marinade, diluted with water, vegetable oil or wine. Vinegar and honey are also added. The first and second are both saltier in taste, so that the main foods and rice, which the Chinese themselves respect more than bread, try to underestimate. Chinese sauces are the best recipe Recipe 1: Chinese sweet and sour sauce For our sauce, we use crushed pickles and some tomatoes with cognac as a base. Ingredients: pickles (3 pcs.), vegetable oil (1 teaspoon


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