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The Henna Indian mehndi hand is a unique way to decorate the mind and body in an artistic way. This henna powder comes from a plant known as "Lawsonia Inermis", whose henna leaves are dried and ground into a powder. Its application has four advantages: - it cools, protects, cleanses, and colors the skin. Henna or mehndi is also commonly applied ...

The Henna Indian mehndi hand is a unique way to decorate the mind and body in an artistic way. This henna powder comes from a plant known as "Lawsonia Inermis", whose henna leaves are dried and ground into a powder. Its application has four advantages: - it cools, protects, cleanses, and colors the skin. Henna or mehndi is also commonly applied to hair.

Henne is now a plant known to all, at least by the name henna or mehndi, for its properties that make it a Indian tattoo ephemeral henna. But we do not always know more about this cosmetic henna plant that crosses the ages with constant popularity.

It is without a doubt the oldest known cosmetics. Already 5000 years ago henna was used as a cosmetic and some Egyptian mummies were covered. The henna has been traced many times in history and is still unanimous in many countries of the Maghreb, the Middle East and even in the Asian countries. The dyeing power of henna and the holding of its colour have made it a product that has always been used.

It must be recognized that the plant that gives the henna mehndi hand tattoo, bears the same name, grows quite easily in these areas. After the leaves have dried, a powder containing a molecule that is particularly effective for performing body or textile colouring is obtained. The henna hand mehndi naturally a color that oscillates between yellow, orange and red. Today, synthetic products produce a similar result with shades of black.
It has many applications. Of course, the common pus of it is body coloring, i.e. the realization of hand tattoos henna  Ephemeral. It is also used to color hair. But this powder obtained after the grinding of Flowers of Lawsonia is not just to embellish and sometimes help to heal the body, it also decorates the mind thanks to the powers attributed to the henna tattoo that one realizes on his skin.

Henna is more than just a product, it is quite a cultural symbol in many countries. Today, from home, Ethnikka allows you to discover or rediscover the power of henna. We offer in many forms and from many brands. Always without any risk, henna often comes in the form of small cones that are bought by the dozen. Very affordable, it is an opportunity to carry with you a distinctive brand that will make you feel unique. To this end, you will find on the site many stencils mehndi design. It is they and the finesse of the designs that will allow you to succeed your tattoo black henna Mehndi. Indeed, it is aesthetic only if it is worked, fine pays tribute to the many local traditions that inspired it.

The tattoo henna hand mehndi black is now getting more and more shape. Beyond the color of the plant's natural henna, there are now color changes that allow to vary the colors and shapes of his mehndi design hand tattoo. At our Ethnikka store, you will also find a set of henna products to improve quality as well as various accessories.

It is thus with great pleasure and without ruining you that you will be able to relive at home the tradition of hand tattoo Indian henna. You will find on Ethnikka de la henna and everything you need to do your own henna hand tattoos, oil to prepare the skin. Above all, you will have at your disposal a wide variety of hand henna stencils that will be of great use to you to succeed for sure your Indian tattoo. Get ready for the big ceremonies or important moments in your life by putting on your body an Indian hand henna tattoo at the white henna Mehndi. It is your body and mind that will grow up

The Henna is originally a thorny shrub whose leaves are reduced to powder. Also known as the "plant of paradise," henna is associated with many legends and beliefs and its use is very ancient and varied.
For many, henna is a symbol of protection but over time it has become a cosmetic product used by women especially in India or in the countries of the Middle and Near East. Nevertheless, its use has also spread to the West.
Henna have many virtues. For example, it has healing, anti-dandruff and antifungal properties. It is also a very good exfoliator.
There are two types of henna: neutral henna that retains all the virtues of henna without its dyeing power, and, henna dye. Among the henna dyes are: Yemen's red henna, blond henna, the brown henna, the black henna, Egyptian henna (red colour), Rajasthan henna (copper color).

As a cosmetic product:
Henna is best known for its application on the skin as a temporary tattoo, especially on the hands. Many women, especially of Indian or Eastern origin, use it at important events such as engagements, weddings, or simply as an aesthetic touch.
The particularly neutral henna is also used as a body care. Indeed, thanks to its many properties and its lack of dye power, neutral henna is used as an exfoliator, anti-tantant or even anti-sweat.

- When henna is applied to the skin. We must take into account the products used on the skin, the PH of the skin but also external circumstances such as the climate.
- The colour of henna fades after a few weeks. ....
- There are special precautions to take with black henna. Indeed, some containers of the black henna ESPECIALLy PPD can cause delayed allergies. So it's better to use natural henna.

As a hair coloring
Henna is also used to color hair. It is a vegetable hair coloring technique.
On Ethnikka, you can choose the right pigment for your desires.
For brown brown hair, natural henna will give you a coloring that will beautify your hair. For brown hair, the use of naturally colored henna will give you auburn or coppery shades. If you are rather brown, you will have reflections that will go from red to mahogany. The properties of henna will also strengthen your scalp.
This technique natural coloring is also perfect for masking your white hair without being afraid of weakening your hair. To do this use blond henna which is a mixture of cassia and coloring powder. This technique will also allow you to obtain golden reflections.
If you want to dye your blonde hair opt for a mixture of natural henna, indigo and sidr.
So prefer natural henna colouring to industrial coloring, especially if your hair is dry and damaged.
Whether your hair is brown (light or dark brown), blond, red, black, opt for henna coloring.

-On blond hair, the red henna (auburn) turns into red carrot, so pay attention to the desired color before opting for a henna color.
-Make sure you have neutral hair before you do a henna coloring or the effects will be mitigated.
-Think about mixing your henna with essential oils, especially if your hair is dry
-To disgorge your colour Henna, prepare a simple clay mask by mixing clay, amla, coconut milk and lime.

Finally, henna can also be used as a hair care.
For brown hair, if you want to take care of your hair without coloring it, think of the neutral henna hair mask. Indeed, neutral henna will serve as an excellent clay hair mask. All it takes is a little henna (100g), a little hot water (300 ml for example). Mix to make a muddy paste. Add olive oil, apply the mixture to your hair and respect the break time, between 30 min and 1 hour. Finally, rinse the hair vigorously with a gentle shampoo.
Remember to protect your hands and eyebrows by wearing gloves and applying olive oil.

Forget chemical hair products and opt for natural or neutral henna!


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