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A tea ritual can fit perfectly into your life, just as a teapot can fit elegantly into your home. Find the perfect teapot for you (or a friend)!

there Teapot Asia or the Orient that we offer you to discover is the essential element for tea tasting! there Cheap Moroccan teapot an essential element of the Tea service. There's something for everyon...

A tea ritual can fit perfectly into your life, just as a teapot can fit elegantly into your home. Find the perfect teapot for you (or a friend)!

there Teapot Asia or the Orient that we offer you to discover is the essential element for tea tasting! there Cheap Moroccan teapot an essential element of the Tea service. There's something for everyone, from chiseled copper or stainless steel, simple or decorated with flowers. You will find the typical atmosphere of the oriental salons with the Moroccan teapot or the Turkish teapot painstakingly worked. Thai aluminum teapots are available to you. But we also have glass teapots If curious you want to see the process of brewing tea. In any case to bring a good atmosphere or just warm up nothing better than serving tea with cast iron teapots originals you like. You will become a master in the art of tea. You will find this wide choice of a cheap teapot defying all competition on Ethnikka.fr. It's a great gift idea to please a friend or family member! You can also discover all the world of the art of Tea service thanks to our wide selection of products such as electric teapot, you will also find trays but also tea glasses... And then to keep your tea warm you are offered thermos. It's up to you!

Praise the beautiful and rich color of your tea in this transparent glass teapot. Its fine-mesh infuser and press-deep lid allow for a simple infusion of leaf teas. Simply remove the lid and infuser from the basket for easy cleaning.

Charm your tabletops with our vast collection of elegant Moroccan tea glasses, Moroccan teapots and Moroccan silver trays. Ethnikka glassware is convenient and versatile for drinking, votive candles, or sophisticated festive gifts. Each Moroccan tea glass is hand-painted by our skilled craftsmen in Morocco. We are dedicated to empowering our women artisans through sustainable fair trade economic opportunities.

What should be taken into account?
Tips for cleaning and maintaining the teapot
1. glasses, iron, earth: What are good teapots made of?
Glass teapots:
Glass teapots attract attention and attract many connoisseurs: when a tea flower unfolds in the transparent teapot, a soothing spectacle is created. You can also easily control the intensity by the visible color of the drink. Heat-resistant borosilicaté glass is generally used for teapots: It is insipid and odourless. Important for glass: The thinner the material, the easier the pan breaks and the faster the tea cools. High quality teapots have a large thickness of glass or are double-walled. Glass jugs are suitable for sensitive green and white teas that should not overheat.

Cast iron teapots:
Asian teapots have been made of cast iron for centuries. The heavy material has important advantages: Thanks to its porous structure, it is an excellent accumulator of heat and is therefore suitable for green and black tea, which is supposed to develop a strong taste. Tea is not bitter in cast iron boxes. The interior is coated against rust, usually enamel. This is where the famous patina of tea is installed, which improves the aroma in the long term and should not be considered a contamination.

Stainless steel teapots:
The benefits of stainless steel in the kitchen are omnipresent: the material is more robust and easier to clean than all alternatives, in addition to being unbreakable and hygienic. Whether matte or shiny, stainless steel teapots shine with a timeless glow. For brewing aromatic teas, however, heat storage capacity is particularly important. This is why the double-walled material is cost effective for both stainless steel and glass models.

Ceramic teapots:
Thick-walled ceramic teapots are perfect heat accumulators: once preheated, they keep your drink at a high temperature of more than 85oC for a long period of time. Stimulating substances such as caffeine or theophylline are extracted optimally from tea leaves. Black or green tea thus achieves a full-bodied taste with a strong effect. Large terracotta pots are the best choice for large leaf tea. Not only does tea need warmth and time, but it also needs enough space. Tea leaves should be able to spread freely and be washed on all sides.

Porcelain teapots:
The porcelain teapots are without a doubt the most beautiful teapots. A matching porcelain watermark teapot should not be missed on a table decorated in style. The material is mainly used for decorative purposes. As far as heat storage is concerned, it is significantly lower than ceramic or cast iron models. A matching teapot will help keep the tea warm longer.

3. Size and handling - what should I consider?
A good tea ceremony, which you can enjoy with all your senses, also requires the best possible handling of the teapot. For filling, brewing and pouring to be unproblematic, the teapot must meet certain requirements.

The appropriate capacity of the teapot depends on the number of people you want to receive. Small 0.6 litre cans can hold up to 3 cups. Starting at a volume of 1 l, you take about 5 cups of tea. The handle should not become too hot and should be easy to grasp: the heavy cast iron jugs have their handle on top, making it easy to transport and pour. Stainless steel or glass boxes are grasped laterally. Round or square handle, open or closed: It is important that your hand is well adjusted and that it can hold the filled jug securely.

You can pour the tea away from the drops using a pointed spout that points slightly upwards. In practice, many teapots are also teapots, so they are equipped with a built-in filter. You can often stop the brewing process by turning or lifting the lid without having to open the lid and remove the filter. Teapot sets can be useful for poorly insulating glass and porcelain jugs.

4. Tips for cleaning and maintaining the teapot
Use for intense black tea and sweet varieties like white tea or green tea. This guarantees an unaltered aroma.
To remove deposits on porcelain, stainless steel and glass jugs, you can use dishwashing liquid, brushes or sponges.
Many of these jugs also go to the dishwasher.
Open pore jars, such as cast iron, can't stand detergents! Rinse them with lukewarm water after each use and let them dry with the lid open.
Do not wipe or dry the inside of cast iron cans: This could destroy the patina and rust protection.


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