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Ethnic-Market.com is the first multi-ethnic shop that brings together the latest trends and must-haves in ethnic ready-to-wear, for your greatest pleasure.

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Our women's clothes where ethnic clothing whether ethnic dresses, saris, dubai dress, kaftan, Indian tunic sdress and salwar kameez are adorned with embroidery, stones or velvet, ribbon work, lace, Kasab works, Resham work, intricate hand embroidery, zircons, crystals, etc. We use premium materials and fabrics such as crisp, shimmer, shimmer geo...

Our women's clothes where ethnic clothing whether ethnic dresses, saris, dubai dress, kaftan, Indian tunic sdress and salwar kameez are adorned with embroidery, stones or velvet, ribbon work, lace, Kasab works, Resham work, intricate hand embroidery, zircons, crystals, etc. We use premium materials and fabrics such as crisp, shimmer, shimmer georgette, shimmer net, pure silk, silk grège, brocade, jamawarm, crepe, georgette etc, to make our outfits attractive and irresistible. Our goal is to offer products from international fashion designers, such as the creation of wedding clothing, Oriental dress, Indian sari, Indian dress for celebrities, in Bollywood or in the movies. Our exclusive collection includes Designer Sarees, salwar kameez, caftan, abaya... Bridal collection as bride and Saris nuptial Lehnga, partywear lehenga and accessories, etc. More than 65 designers put all their talents and effort into giving you the most exclusive designs you'll find on ethnikka.fr. Satisfied and proud customers around the world have contributed to the success of Ethnikka.com.au and now we are working to roll out our products in other countries.

With Ethnikka be traditional and stylish at the same time
Style and class are things that are created and maintained especially in women, so they have a very close relationship with clothing. Indeed, it is through clothing that one externalizes his tastes his finesse and his love of fashion. So said, it is important to note that being stylish and beautiful does not necessarily mean that we have to stand out from our traditions and cultures in terms of clothing. Indeed, there are traditions and cultures that have adapted to modernity by offering you cool baba, ethnic coat, tunic dress, ethnic skirt, ethnic pants that place the woman in a place of fashion diva especially ethnic fashion. So with the woman's clothing in the Ethnikka boutique have a chic ethnic style that puts the Oriental tradition above everything and offers in this sense, a very varied and rich range of ethnic dress, sarouel man, sarouel pants, original clothes, woman's sarouel, puffy, ethnic bag, baba, overalls, hippie, khaki, cool baba pants, ethnic jewelry, original tunic, aladin pants. These products are available in all colors, but also with accessories that go with as ethnic necklace, hippie clothing, ethnic style So you will have class you will be beautiful, you will also be elegant and desirable with these ethnic clothing for women that we offer in our stores. That being said, don't be told about the oriental and traditional wonders with ethnic woman's clothing that Ethnikka brings right outside your doors.
Be beautiful and original with traditional oriental clothing
At Ethnikka, we know what it takes to bring out the beauty of a woman us and that's why we put you in oriental fashion and ethnic dress. Once with us you will be dazzled by the collection of wide pants, thai pants, puffy pants. trench coat, blouse, leggings, new collection, coats, denim, skirt, parka, lingerie, sweater, pantcourt. But also there's the coat ray, tops, for women, woman's clothing, ready to wear, shirt, fashion woman Traditional dresses like the sari that will no longer have any secrets for you. Among the dresses you will have printed dress, bra, short dress Indeed, these saris have been worked in an original and professional way with quality fabrics. Going in this direction, at Ethnikka, you will see saris in satin with a variety in models that will take your breath away. In addition to this there is a great diversity in colors ranging from pink to blue not to mention black red the different types of green the indigo the yellow etc. In short, all it takes for you and to make your guardethnic dress more stocked and worthy of a princess. Besides the saris that occupy an important place in ethnikka's catalogue, there are a variety of products that show you the richness of the Oriental tradition as large size, swimsuit, hood, t-shirt, under woman's clothes, high waist, bra, chino, tee, women's pants, waistcoat, slim, tailor, debardeur, ankle boots, skinny, nightgown, knitwear, denim jacket, these products will make you feel fully with a woman's clothing in your privacy as in the street. In addition, there are jumpsuits, slim pants, black dress, pumps, imitation, ethnic dress, bra, skinny jeans, bootcut jeans, in addition to fair trade. Indeed, once at Ethnikka you will see dresses with silver or gold strasses on a turquoise blue, red or green pattern. And what about yellow and white without a doubt Ethnikka is the best shop in ethnic dress and oriental tunic.
Dress in Djellaba or tunic and look like an oriental diva
At Ethnikka it's not just the saris and oriental dresses that will make you lose your mind. Indeed, we offer other types of oriental outfits as beautiful and as original. So in Ethnikka you will also find summer dresses with very exotic and sensual flower decorations. Dresses with which you can go out to the city or do your shopping during a heat wave or also brought to the beach or pool during your vacation. But that's not all since next to this collection of woman's clothingdice ethnic dress very exotic summer, Ethnikka offers another very ethnic and oriental-looking outfit, namely the djellaba. Indeed there is a variety of djellaba at Ethnikka whatever color or decoration patterns you imagine you will find at Ethnikka. In addition there are two types of Djellaba at Ethnikka those that have a long sleeve very dressed and very chic that allows you to relax. And others with short sleeves with well-chosen patterns and colors that will surely give you the impression of being an oriental diva worthy of the name. In addition, you'll also get classic oriental tunics with cool baba pants. Indeed, these tunics made with silk or satin can be very chic and very modern and you can put them on to go in the evening or at work so they are cared for as woman's clothing and only for women. What about skirts for Sari and ethnic dress that allow you to complete your clothing and be both beautiful modest and ethnic oriental.
And to finish very traditional and very oriental accessories
At Ethnikka it is also accessories for women who want to practice sports with sports wear, flowing pants, push up, long-sleeved t-shirt, shorts. And also cells that want to be chic with ballerina loafers, fluid, silhouette, pajamas, heart cover Going in this direction, the most prominent accessories are the Keffieh which allows to add a very original touch to your clothing and that you can associate to the same leather, chic, jogging, fashion accessories, denim skirt, reminiscent of these desert women. At Ethnikka, there is a great variety in terms of Keffieh color whose quality is no longer to be demonstrated. Apart from these Keffieh, there are casual, female dress, beanie, fancy, tiles, pattern of sizes, stripes, jewelry with beautiful very classy adornments that hung on your neck will give you the look of a princess.


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