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Here's our range of ethnic jewelry Colorful; we offer Indian jewelry, Oriental Jewelry, but also Tibetan Jewelry, much rarer. We also present ranges of African Jewelry and Tuareg jewelry. We also offer jewelry in cultured pearls, and guarantee the regular renewal of our catalog. Our collections ethnic jewelry are composed of adornments, bracelet...

Here's our range of ethnic jewelry Colorful; we offer Indian jewelry, Oriental Jewelry, but also Tibetan Jewelry, much rarer. We also present ranges of African Jewelry and Tuareg jewelry. We also offer jewelry in cultured pearls, and guarantee the regular renewal of our catalog. Our collections ethnic jewelry are composed of adornments, bracelets and other jewelry in a wide range. The jewels that are offered in this catalogue are of good quality and we guarantee for each of them a special care during the manufacture. Indeed, we want to offer ranges of adornments that are very representative of ethnicities and that are as close as possible to authentic adornments. Our jewellers work carefully on each piece of jewellery and guarantee its quality.

Ethnikka presents tribal jewelry, ethnic jewelry and quality jewelry from fashion from around the world. Celebrate with us the creative spirit and symbolism expressed by ethnic jewelry, both old and new.
You will find that tribal ethnic jewelry styles and styles are unique from different backgrounds. In addition to being beautiful adornments, these pieces hold a special cultural significance that communicates messages about the condition of the people who wear them or the celebrations where they are worn.
Handmade ethnic jewelry is rarely uniform in shape or exactly symmetrical, as with the machine designed ethnic jewelry, and can often have missing pieces, patterns or wear debris. Many of these ethnic jewelry have traveled the world from village to village, and generation to generation and these irregularities are part of this charm and heritage. We sell our old tribal pieces with patina (if any) intact, since collectors appreciate so strongly. Patina can usually be easily removed with a soft jewelry cleanser, if desired.
The Thousand Secrets of Ethnikka Jewelry

The bracelet is a must-have accessory for fashionistas and all fashion fans. It highlights the style of dress chosen for both women and men. An ethnic bracelet or set with semi-precious stones, a pair of cuffs made from solid silver, each jewel has a secret and its wearer adds its own anecdote.

Ethnic jewelry and accessories for all tastes

The import jewelry Ethnikka's fantasy reflect the character of the wearer. As for the bracelet, whether it is ankle-strapped or worn at the wrist, it is symbolic for everyone. It is one of the first ethnic jewelry that is offered to a newborn except the original earrings if it is a little girl. To know which model to choose, it is necessary to know the tastes of the person to whom one is giving this particular gift. Of course, for an early childhood present, there is no need to weigh it down. A simple model developed in the image of African crafts would be perfect. On the other hand, if the gift is intended for a woman for a special reason such as a declaration of love, it would be best to embellish it with fine stones. A fashion bracelet would definitely be fine. All that remains to be done is to choose the stone attached to its astrological sign as for a Gemini for example, lapis lazuli is the ideal. However, at present, many creators are circumventing this rule. Some offer a creation of ethnic jewelry and accessories according to the eye color of the person to whom they are intended, while others prefer to directly bet on the value of the stones. Agate, coral or moonstone, the most important is the message conveyed by the present. Everyone is free to buy the original jewelry that they like even if it is an African bracelet model worked in leather or a typical Indian bangle.

Their meanings

The bracelet is usually a sign of wealth and shows distinction at a ceremony. To enable women to be the star wherever they are, the supplier ethnic jewelry Ethnikka offers a wide range of costume jewelry including the rather eye-catching Indian bracelet with its sculpted design, the African bracelet which is relatively discreet and lightweight to wear and the cuff bracelet often selected for ceremonies Religious. Creativity, the artisan designer designer of jewelry uses it to create the inspiration of customers. Unique set bracelets such as the leather strap and the charm model are proof of their talent. Contrary to what many think, the bracelet is not the object of whim. It represents a relic, a trace of the past shared with a loved one or an important symbol.
Ethnikka: ethnic jewelry supplier of pure inspiration

From the classic silver gourmet to the solid gold chain, Ethnikka jewellery offers something for all tastes and ages. They combine different materials and their quality as well as their finish are the image of its creative craftsmen. Whatever the fantasy import jewelry you aspire to, you can very well order fully customized models for your ethnic jewelry from this wholesaler importer of import jewelry trinket. A gift for a loved one or just to please you, don't hesitate to visit the gallery. Here, fantasy and elegance rhyme with glamorous fashion. In addition, at Ethnikka, the catalogue is complete. Earrings, necklaces and rings, you will find your account.

Ethnic earrings for all

You can find everything in Ethnikka's fancy jewellery, including clip earrings reserved for non-breakthroughs. Ethnikka, an export import specialist in jewellery, knows how to meet the needs of its customers. Women looking to adopt an elegant, bohemian and above all sophisticated style will be delighted with the Creole earrings that are trending at the moment. Imposing and glamorous, or in an ethnic style, they literally transform the appearance of the wearer.

Ethnikka necklaces

For bling bling lovers, a selection of ethnic handcrafted jewelry is also suggested. They sometimes come in a rather simplistic form but have shimmering colors to give a youthful look and bring a touch of freshness to the look. Followers of import jewelry will surely have a hard time deciding between the pretty creations on offer such as the plastron necklace, the jumper necklace and the ethnic necklace. Adapted to a variety of situations, these import jewelry unanimity among young people. For example, the silver necklace reserves for all-white celebrations while the pendant necklace is the best gift idea for a couple's first birthday.

At Ethnikka, everyone's wishes are heard. To borrow an extravagant and chic style, you are spoilt for choice between an ethnic necklace, feathered, with a ring as a pendant or dotted with precious stones. These ethnic bling bling jewelry worn around your neck will make you feel beautiful and distinguished for a day.

A range of accessories, a multitude of options

Importing ethnic jewelry is one of Ethnikka's specialties. The jewelry store has a well-stocked catalogue to meet the requirements of the modern woman. Accessories for sale range from Tuareg jewellery to ethnic amber jewellery, ceramic jewellery and shellfish. Each of them represents a real masterpiece in the shop to discover without hesitation. As a bonus, Ethnikka creates custom models set with beautiful gemstones or forged in pure metal to the delight of its customers. All you need to do is select the natural stone (turquoise, lazuli, coral, rock beads...) or order directly stones previously cut like the cabochon and those to which we have given specific shapes (ball, oval, berbere, hippie chic, medallion in triangle ...).

Ethnikka is an expert in the manufacture of ethnic jewelry originals combining sculpted and cut materials at the discretion of the customers. It also offers a gallery dedicated to rings decorated with precious stones or pearls and rings. You can very well lean towards a silver ring or other model with hand-picked gems including pink quartz, amber, Navajo or the tiger's eye. Not forgetting dear gentlemen that you too will be able to buy import jewelry designed in the stone of your choice and for this you have the onyx as a flagship gem, following the ethics of the sign. From this selection you can combine bronze, tribal style and some special brands like a spiral cuff bracelet or even a touch of brass to the set to get a unique fancy necklace style. Boho, shells, bangles or simple cord, ethnikka accessories are all top quality.


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