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Oriental Moroccan teapot engraved

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there Teapot is very pretty, decorated with small engravings in an oriental style, it will allow you to enjoy your tea with family or friends at special events or everyday. It is of very good quality and can also serve as a decorative piece. These Teapots are often used in Moroccan traditions to serve mint tea.

Join the useful and the pleasant by letting yourself be attracted by this Moroccan teapot with oriental style engraving. It is a unique model that immediately attracts attention with its arabesque-patterned engraving on the lid and on the teapot body. The shape of this brewing tea container invites you to adopt the Moroccan tea traditions practiced for centuries. The chrome colour of the majority of the teapot and the touch of black displayed at the handle combine to form a very elegant decorative element.
Stainless steel was chosen to offer this object a high scratch resistance capacity. This material will also save you from burns on contact with the teapot when it contains boiling tea.
Find this teapot engraved in oriental style on by choosing from the models intended to serve 16, 12, 8 or 6 glasses of tea.


 Cann't: 2L, 1.5L, 1L, 0.8L

Stainless steel



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