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true Afghan scarf mustard yellow color and cream-coloured embroidery, very soft and pleasant to wear, whether in winter or spring, the embroidery on the contour is silver yarn which brings an elegant effect to the shemagh.

Slip into the shoes of a Tuareg adventurer by adding this pretty yellow and beige keffiyeh to your outfit. You will feel good in its mustard yellow color to the color of the desert, language of open-mindedness and enlightenment. Wrapping this original scarf around your neck will, in a way, allow you to stand out from the crowd. It's the perfect accessory to add a little punch to a regular set of T-shirt and jeans or chino shirt and pants. Welcome on different occasions, this keffiyeh can accompany you during an after work, at work or during a day of shopping.

This keffiyeh is a perfect combination of chic and relaxation. Its fabric is made with fibers of great softness, hence its casual side. The touch of elegance is displayed by the mustard yellow color adorned with cream embroidery and silver thread.

The size of this is 110 cm x 110 cm will allow you to wrap it easily around your neck.




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