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Henna Indian tube hand tattoo Chandni

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100% nature henna tube ready to use for tattoo ingun. This type of cone allows for quick and accurate application.

Sold to the unit, 30g Cone


A result in 35 minutes guaranteed.


Excellent color in a very short time. Henné of famous chandni brand in Pakistan

composition : Henna 45%, henna oil 10%, Titanium dioxide 1%, brown dye 10%, distilled water 28%, concervator 2%, Ethnyl Acetate 0.2%, Finol 0.3%, Dimethicone 0.5%, Allantoin 0.6%


Advice :


When you receive your henna cone, use it immediately or put it in the freezer. Henna paste will keep in your freezer for up to 6 months.


1. Wash hands with soap before applying. 2. Wait until the hands are dry. Remove the henna with a towel. 3. Apply cream or oil to decorated areas. Wait 30 minutes. 4.Rinse with water. Do not use soap to avoid melting henna.






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