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Chandni color henna tubes come in blue, pink, purple or orange perfect for an Indian tattoo with maximum color and contrast. You are a beginner or professional negafa or in the henna tattoo ephemeral, you will make tattoos henna that will make your friends and customers happy. Henna Chandni will make a difference for your hand tattoos. They will allow you to make a beautiful enhancement of your hands or another part of your body with ease. These henna cones are natural and add depth and volume to your tattoos.

The henna chandni tube can be stored for a long time if the tube remains closed, if the tube has been opened it is best to keep it in the fridge for up to 6 months.

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The benefit of henna :

These powdered henna leaves, mixed with water or rose water and essential oils, give a long-lasting skin or hair hue without weakening the hair, since it gives colour by establishing a protective capsule.

The wonderful tattoos that can be made on the feet and hands. Using a henna cone or syringe, a fine line of dough is placed on the skin, drawing the desired pattern. After a few hours, the tattoo will be appreciable from 3 days to 2 weeks. Flowers, rosettes, arabesques, and other many motifs are the traditional embellishments affixed to weddings and large ceremonies. Finally, always using the tannins present in the henna leaf, some beauty salons offer an artificial "Bronzage": the person is coated with henna paste, for a tasty brown color that will slip away as the days go by. Its main function is Indian tattoo on the hands and hair hue.



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