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White henna cone Golecha henna

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Cone Golecha brand white henna, renowned in India.

To you the originality and sheer beauty of white tattoos with these cones of Henna white. For a wedding, a ceremony, these fine applicator henna cones will be your allies to anece you with motifs of a tiny delicacy... The most beautiful skin jewelry!

Sold on a unit basis

30 g cone


You've known the black henna now turn the white henna to make a box, it's at and to appear on social networks this year. And especially on Instagram where the #whitehenna and the #henneblanc contrasts your complexion and reveals many designs. Whether it's for a wedding or just for a henna party with girlfriend on a tanned skin this new trend is splendid, it enhances your complexion!

What is "white henna"?

In reality, the "White henna" has only the name henna lol. In fact white henna especially in connection with the technique of using this white henna cone. This mixture does not consist of henna. Real henna consists of the henna plant Lawsonia inermis which comes from a plant from India and the Middle East, whose leaves are ground to obtain a green powder. In Ethnikka.fr white henna is composed of a plant fiber called Guar Gum. Guar gum is extracted from the seed of the legume Cyamopsis tetragonoloba and calcium carbonate is the major compound of limestone sorques such as chalk, but also marble. It's good that our products are safe for the skin !!!




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